The Global Recycle Standard

is an international, voluntary and product standard and according to this, a third- party is certified for recycled material, chain of custody, social and environmental practices and chemical usage limitation. These are the standards set to protect the environment from the harm of capitalism and industrialization.

The main goal of the Global Recycle Standard is to increase the use of recycled material in the production of the good and in turn reducing or eliminating the environmental degradation chances due to their production. The Global Recycle Standard is a full product standard that is necessary for third-party certifications of:

Identification of recycled content in textile with a complete chain of custody

Environmental requirements

Social responsibilities according to the ILO conventions

In Hafizia Art & Crafts Private Limited, we have quality standards and environmental protection regulations, to produce what the customer needs, without damaging the ecosystem.

We produce products in an

Environmental and social-friendly environment

No long hours of labor

No lower quality fabric

No extra work burden on the labor

In this context, we have used about of recycle material in our production

Moreover, as mentioned above, the company has made sure that it is not contributing towards
the destruction of the planet by polluting or by killing its inhabitants; animals, plants and humans.